My Baby Boy is now a man

Dylan is now 18 and him and Hannah are still together after 4 years. This is one of my favorite pictures from prom this year. They are such a beautiful couple! 

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A lot has changed since my last post. Dylan my youngest son turned 18 years old and he has graduated high school. He was offered an apprenticeship at a local tool and die company and I am very proud of him. Dalton is doing good in the Navy he’s still in California. A few weeks ago we moved from our rental house near Spring Arbor Michigan and bought a house in town Jackson Michigan. We got rid of a lot of stuff and are still struggling to make everything fit. The nice thing is we have a huge garage and I’m still sorting through the boxes that were put in there. This weekend Scott and I are doing something out of the ordinary and going to Faster Horses which is a huge Country Music Festival at Michigan International Speedway. We are taking the motorhome so that should be a lot of fun.

Our new house pictures from my swing

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Today Dalton told me he is leaving almost 2 days earlier than he planned. He had changed his mind a lot and its been hard to prepare. My husband and I, for the first time, got a seasonal campsite and a golf cart to put around in at the very large campground. We have been working on a Navy theme…of course for a wrap and colors. It is going to look awesome. While Dalton was home he said why don’t you finish it before i leave so I can get a picture standing next to it in my dress blues. Omg…I was ecstatic about the idea. My husband, his stepdad, took two days unpaid to work on it and has one more day to go.  Well this morning Dalton told me he is leaving in the morning to drive to California instead of leaving Saturday…or Friday…or Thursday night.  So…needless to say my husband is very upset and i told Dalton and he said, “Oh well, I’ll pay him for the two days”. This makes him leaving so much harder. How can he be so cold and uncaring of something that he initiated?  He said, “I have my life to live now”.  He has 8 days to get to Cali and we said if you say one more day we will have the golf cart done…but he doesn’t care.

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Dalton’s Birthday

This year was the first year that i was ubable to spend with my first born son. I have joined many navy mom forums and asked if any one had family in Pensacola. One mom commented that she did and her son was also stationed in pensacola. He was willing to go pick up a birthday cake for Dalton and deliver it to him. I am forever grateful.

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Dylan’s Birthday

Today is my baby’s 17th Birthday.  He is turning into a great man and I am so proud of him.  Happy Birthday Dylan.  I love you to the moon and back.

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Happy Sunday

It’s been a long week. I am trying to keep Dalton positive as he goes through a break up with his girlfriend and learning of a suicide of someone close by. He has so much to look forward to and he doesn’t need to be tied down to someone who doesn’t appreciate him. It seems there are so many girls out there that just want the easy road and when it gets a little hard they can’t handle it, but when it’s hard for Dalton he sucks it up and gets through it. Well I’m my opinion, she doesn’t deserve him. A guy shouldn’t have to put up with his girl out partying every night when he’s not there anyways. That is disrespectful I believe.

I am going to Florida Thursday night driving Daltons car to him. Dylan is going with me to help me drive. We are flying back Tuesday morning. I am praying for some sunshine while we are there.


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January 7, 2016


Today is Mom’s birthday.  Scott’s dad invited us to Yen King, so we asked Mom to go with us.  Talked to Dalton for a little bit today and we both discussed how broke we are after Christmas.  Hopefully he gets his spending in order a little bit along with his Mom…lol.  We both need to have more success in our new business so that we can get a good steady income going strong.  He told me how hard his school is and that he is learning a lot of technical electrical stuff..I didn’t even understand half of what he was saying, but he said that he is getting through it, even though it is hard.

Hannah, Dylan’s girlfriend’s grandpa passed away so I sent flowers today. Boy they are getting expensive.  A friend of a friend also lost her husband to heart complications this week.  He was only 47.  It really brings back all the tragedy feelings of when Dannon died and the shock of it all.  My heart breaks for what she is feeling right now.  RIP Chuck Adams and George Glinz.  It really makes you realize how short life is.


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